Clarksburg Wine Company: Clarksburg California

Andy Gaudy, operations manager
John Beckman, president

The Clarksburg Wine Company’s Consulting Winemaker Stacy Clark, Operations Manager Andy Gaudy and President John Beckman have spent many years in the wine industry. All have spent time in Napa and see the Clarksburg appellation as one of the best in the country.

“A lot of the farmers are excited about this and very progressive in moving the area forward,” Clark said.

Gaudy, who has worked for the Clarksburg Wine Company since August 2006, said he sees a lot of opportunity for the Clarksburg AVA.

Beckman understands the true potential of the Clarksburg appellation in terms of its history and as a current source of great California wine. Specifically he has the leading role at the Old Sugar Mill and the Clarksburg Wine Company, which will play in placing Clarksburg wines shoulder to shoulder with wines from California’s other great wine regions.

The Clarksburg Wine Company, which is located within the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg plans on having its first release in spring, 2011.